Friday, June 24, 2016

Trump's Attack on the Separation of Income and Wealth in America - A Predictive Dream

I continue to be curious about what Da Donald's big surprise position that he will reveal after the GOP Convention, and it may have come to me in another one of my "predictive" dreams.
We see that his approach so far has been a populist appeal to the masses that have been denied participation in the fruits of our booming economy. (Yes, I did say booming - ask any rich guy.) We know how he has been using immigrants and "bad trade deals" as his "Jews". (This is, of course, a reference to Hitler's scape-goating of Jews as the cause of all of Germany's problems after World War I.) But, as I have said before, he has to make a broader appeal than to just the white-bedsheet crowd, in order to have any chance in the general election.
Give Da Donald his due - he is not dumb - he knows this. He is also not a hide-bound dogmatist. His "evolving" positions seem to make a mockery of the negative connotations associated with terms like "flip-flop" in the last few years.
It occurs to me that he might well steal a page out of Bernie Sanders' playbook.
Bernie is dead nuts right on about the separation of income and wealth being the biggest problem facing our nation today. It is what keeps us from having an Edenic society. And it is what makes our disadvantaged susceptible to the lure of extremists and fanatics of one stripe or another - left wing/right wing, Christian/Islamic, etc.
And don't try to float that one about people being lazy, etc. When the bottom 80% of the people own only 7% of the nation's wealth, something in fundamentally wrong.
When one family owns more wealth than the nation's bottom 42% of families COMBINED, something is fundamentally wrong.
And yet, the GOP has brainwashed enough people into believing that it is every American's duty to go out and buy an assault-type rifle , , , Oops, wrong brainwashing subject. Make that: And yet, the GOP has brainwashed enough people into believing that to attack income inequality is tantamount to high treason.
This extreme separation of wealth has accelerated in this country over the past 35 years. (BTW, 1981 is not some random date that I picked as the start of this phenomenon. And with all due disrespect to the late Great Communicator, the flaw in trickle-down (or Voodoo) economics is the plug at the top of the down spout - rich folks didn't get rich by being altruistic.)
Trump has said in the past that he thought the super-rich like him should pay more in taxes. That position has, of course, been stated more strongly and with much more conviction by Warren Buffett. And, to be sure, Trump hasn't said much like that lately. But once the convention is over, don't be surprised to see him roll out significant proposals about tax rates on capital gains, royalties, and other sources of extremely high incomes. Look for him to propose a significant increase in the top tier income tax rate. And look for him to put some teeth into eliminating off-shore tax shelters.
Yep, I think this is how Da Donald is going to attack the general Election - and it could work!
A Son-of-the-South got the Civil Rights Legislation done in 1964, so maybe a billionaire could get real economic reform done in 2017.
And then I woke up.

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